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Automated Medication Management Basic Model

$149.00- $159.00

SKU: PMR1700

MedReady PMR1700: 

  • This MedReady PMR1700 comes standard with the Lower Frequency alarm which from our experience is much easier to hear.
  • MedReady 1700 Package comes complete with A/C Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Medication Tray, Blue Locking Lid, 2 keys, and loading rings for 3x and 4x per day dosing.
  • This dispenser holds up to 28 doses of medication and can dispense from 1 to 4 times per day.
  • Each dispensing compartment can hold up to 9 M&M size pills.
  • For our customers in countries other than the United States, our device will work for you too.
  • This is a non-monitored dispenser.

MedReady PMR1700FL  (Base Model with Flashing Light)

Key Features: Same as PMR1700 above + additional Flashing Light

Shipping information

Weight : 5.00 (lbs)