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Bed & Chair Alarm Systems - Accessories

$9.95- $100.00


This bed and chair alarm with wireless pager system allows you the option to keep the alarm noise away from the patient, sending it out of the room to a caregiver pager. The pager, which can be up to 150' from the pad, will alert to let you know a patient is getting up. (Please note that the device connected to the pad in use, called a wireless fall monitor, does emit two quick activation beeps when pressure is put on the pad near the patient. This is a safety feature that lets you know your system is working properly.)

Variety of Bed and Chair Alarm Packages: 

Package includes (each individual package may be slightly different):

  • Pkg. #1: Bed Alarm System (Alarm Near Patient)
  • Pkg. #2: Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Near Patient)
  • Pkg. #3: Cordless Bed Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)
  • Pkg. #4: Cordless Bed & Chair Alarm System (Alarm Away from Patient)
  • Pkg. #5: Bed Alarm System w/ Wireless Pager (Alarm Near / Away from Patient)
  • Pkg. #6: Bed & Chair Alarm w/Wireless Pgr (Alarm Near/Away from Patient)
  • Pkg. #7: Deluxe Bed Alarm System - Hospital Grade (Alarm Near Patient)
  • Pkg. #8: Deluxe Bed & Chair Alarm System-Hospital Grade (Alarm Near Patient)

Choose Pad size: 

  • One long term bed sensor pad - choose your bed pad size:

10" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing 120 lbs. or MORE) or 20" x 30" bed pad (for a patient weighing LESS than 120 lbs, +$10)*.

  • One long term chair sensor pad - 10” x 15”.
  • One wireless fall monitor, (or if you do not want to have to switch the monitor back and forth between the two pads, you can add a second monitor from the Product Options above (+$74.95), and then each pad will have a dedicated unit).
  • One caregiver pager.
  • One protective pager cover.
  • Optional AC adapters (+$9.95/ea) are available for use with the wireless fall monitor. They will reduce the amount of batteries used over time. An AC adapter is completely optional and the monitor will work efficiently with batteries.


Our high quality sensor pads are sealed for incontinence protection. Our bed pads feature a safety breakaway cord. Wireless fall monitor features an adjustable volume that is set on silent by default, but can be adjusted to issue an alarm to remind the patient to sit back down and wait for assistance. Caregiver pager features volume and language/tone options, a silent vibration mode, an LCD screen which lights up when the alert is received, and a belt clip which converts into a built-in stand.


  • To use, simply place 3 AA batteries, (not included), in the monitor or connect an optional AC adapter.
  • Place 2 AA batteries inside the pager, (not included).
  • Connect the pad to be used to the monitor, using the simple phone jack type connection at the end of the pad cord.
  • (If you are only ordering one wireless fall monitor, when your patient moves from bed to chair, you simply disconnect one pad and connect the monitor to the other one).
  • Place the bed pad under the fitted sheet, across the upper back area of your patient.
  • For lighter-weight patients, we recommend instead placing the pad across the buttock/hip area. Place the chair pad in the desired chair.
  • When the patient sits up or tries to stand, the monitor box will send a (default silent) signal to the pager, which will then alert you.
  • Reset the system by pressing the 'Reset' button on the front of the monitor box.
  • The system will also reset itself if the patient sits back down on the pad.


*Using this system with certain types of mattresses or cushions, such as memory foam, Tempur-Pedic®, air pressure alternating, gel cushions, or other ones designed to distribute pressure away from the body, can cause false alarm responses. When sensor pads are used on these surfaces, the mattresses/cushions distribute body pressure away from the pads, which can cause the pad to think that the patient is no longer upon it, triggering an alarm. Conversely, these mattresses/cushions can also cause delayed alarm issues. Our 20" x 30" sensor pads are more effective when used with these types of mattresses, so we recommend purchasing the larger pad, regardless of patient weight.

Always test before use.

Manufacturer Warranty:  

  • One year manufacturer's warranty on the bed pad, chair pad, and wireless fall monitor.
  • 6 month warranty on the pager.
  • Long term pads are expected to last a year and are warrantied as such.
  • The pads should be replaced after that time.

To order a new replacement bed / chair sensor pad, please call 904-880-9900 X 112  during regular business hours or complete the Contact Us Form to order Replacement Standard Sensor Pads.