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Electric Hospital Beds

$60.00- $2684.00

Special Instructions: Please make sure to add all the items and options together to ensure proper pricing. Product Code: PHOSP-ELEC-BEDS

Weight capacity availability between 450lbs to 750lbs

Description, Specifications and Warranty Information

Two Motor Semi-Electric Bed (Pkg.1)

These quality built homecare beds feature a synchronized, split spring design and a reinforced headspring with corner plates for maximum support and rigidity.

  • Easy-release motors facilitate quick motor removal and replacement
  • Low voltage, easy to use hand pendant.
  • Two year warranty on mechanical and electrical components
  • Composite head and footboards
  • Components compatible with most brands
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs


  • Floor to Pan Height Range: 16″ to 24 1/2″
  • Overall Width: 36″
  • Overall Length: 88″

 PPBHB1M — Semi-electric, two-motor bed, Floor to Pan Height 16″-241⁄2″, Width 36″, Overall Length 88″, Capacity 450 lbs

  • Weight capacity: 450lbs.
  • Quiet, smooth operation.
  • Interchangeable headboard and foot-board assembly.
  • One motor provides adjustment for any positioning of the upper body and knee sections of bed frame.
  • Built-in actuator junction box for head and foot controls.

 PPB6034: (Full Bed Rail)

Four-bar welded steel construction with a durable brown vein finish. “No tools required” self-adjusting spring-loaded cross braces. Overall Length: 55". Height above deck: raised 13"; lowered 4"

PPB7035 (Half Bed Rail)

Welded steel construction with a durable brown vein finish. No Gap construction with easy, “no tools required” clamp-on bracket. Universal fit for most spring fabric-style beds. Size: 37" wide by 19" high.

PPB8080: (Mattress)

Innerspring mattress features a polyester fiber topper over firm gauge coils and a durable, anti-microbial, fluid-resistant vinyl cover. • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

Pkg1A: Semi Electric Bed + w/Full Rail + Mattress (PBHB1M + PPB6034+ PB8080)

Pkg1B: Semi Electric Bed + w/Half Rail + Mattress (PBHB1M + PPB7035+ PB8080)

Full Electric Convertible Alzheimer/Low Bed (Pkg2)

Full Electric Bed: (PPBHB5)

 This full-electric lightweight homecare bed offers a low bed pan height to mitigate potential injury of patients from falling out of bed. The versatile dual position caster design allow inside frame (IC) mounts for low bed configuration while providing conversion to a conventional full electric homecare by relocating the casters outside to the bed ends (OC).

  • Powerful DC motor both head and foot adjustments
  • Preinstalled HI-LO motor for easy setup
  • Self-leveling bed ends
  • 5 year frame/2 year mechanical/electronics warranty
  • 450 lb weight capacity


  • Floor to Pan Height Range: Inside caster mount - 9" to 20" Outside caster mount - 13" to 23"
  • Overall Width: 36"
  • Overall Length: 87"
  • PPBHB5 — Floor to Pan Height - Inside caster location 9" to 20"Floor to Pan Height - Outside caster location 13" to 23"Width 36", Length 87", Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
  • PPB6034:Full Rails
  • PPB7035: Half Rails
  • PPB8080: Inner Spring Mattress

 Pkg2A: Full Electric Bed + w/Full Rail + Mattress (PPBHB5 + PPB6034+ PB8080)

Pkg2B: Full Electric Bed + w/Half Rail + Mattress (PPBHB5 + PPB7035+ PB8080)  

Bariatric Full Electric Hosp. Beds (Pkg3)


Bariatric beds feature a 80" long perforated steel pan deck for extra strength. Quiet, smooth three motor electric operation. Hand pendent easily controls positioning of upper, lower body/knees and bed height for maximum comfort and flexibility for both the patient and the caregiver.

  • Full-electric bed 3 motor design
  • Two year warranty on mechanical and electronics


  • Floor to Pan Height 18"-26"
  • Width 42" ; 48”
  • Overall Length 88"
  • Capacity 600 lbs (42”); 750lbs (48”)

Available in 42" and 48" Widths

  • PPBHB4 — Bariatric Full-electric bed, Floor to Pan Height 18"-26", Width 42", Overall Length 88", Capacity 600 lbs
  • PHB6M — Bariatric Full-electric bed, Floor to Pan Height 18"-26", Width 48", Overall Length 88", Capacity 750 lbs.


Dimensions: 80"W x 48"W by 8"H


Heavy Duty 1" construction with bolt-on Clamp mounting can be mounted on both the head section or foot section. Reduced gap design meets FDA guidelines. Overall Length 28 3/4". Height above Deck 15" in raised position and 3 1/2" in lowered position. Durable Brown vien powder coat finish

Pkg3A: Full Electric Bariatric Bed + Mattress (PPBHB4 + PPBHB4MAT)

Pkg3B: Full Electric Bariatric Bed + w/Half Rail + Mattress (PHB6M + PHB6MAT + PHB6HRAIL)


Shipping information

Weight : 100.00 (lbs)
Dimensions: 88.00 × 36.00 × 16.00 (in)

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