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Long Reach Comfort Wipe


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Long Reach Comfort Wipe

  • Enhance your life with dignity.
  • Life just got a whole lot easier for anyone with a limited range of motion.
  • The Long Reach Comfort Wipe extends your reach a full 15.75" for stress-free cleaning.
  • Use similar to a shower brush.
  • Useful home living aid for all your personal hygiene needs.
  • The lightweight ergonomic design is specifically geared towards those with limited dexterity to provide the utmost ease, comfort and cleanliness.
  • The soft, flexible heads grip toilet paper easily.
  • The innovative release button allows for quick sanitary disposal.
  • A great bathroom solution for all those who find reaching difficult!

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Weight : 0.29 (lbs)
Dimensions: 16.00 × 1.50 × 2.50 (in)

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