NeuroMuscular Testing and Training (“NMT”) Device

  • A device made specifically to objectively measure the patient's functional reach in various planes during assessment to get a baseline

  • Continue measuring during each treatment session while performing therapeutic activities

  • Facility can send objective data to insurance companies & medical providers to indicate progress

  • Allows each session to be functionally measureable
  • Activate the lower body / trunk muscles for better balance retraining

  • It allows the ability to perform balance, visual-motor, visual-perceptual and / or cognition based activities

  • Decreases set-up / clean-up time

  • Fun and easy to use

  • On wheels, Portable

  • Collapses for easy storage - when not in use

  • Many activities can be performed with the same device while measuring the progress

  • Immediate Biofeedback for the patient facilitates intrinsic motivation

  • Numbers motivate the patient to perform better each time, thus patients are intrinsically motivated

  • Intrinsic motivation leads to better performance and better outcomes

  • All of which can be documented in actual numbers - OBJECTIVE DATA
  • Set up the device in front of the patient

  • Take the initial measurement of the device plane with respect to the patient (angular measurement at the base)

  • Adjust the arms to desired angle

  • Now set up the extension arms around the patient per your desire, depending on which movements you are trying to see improvement in

  • Have the magnetic pieces ready in the cups of the extension arms and/or place the magnetic pieces on the arms at the desired distance (target distance)

  • Instruct the patient to:
    • Pick up the magnetic pieces from the extension arm cups and place them on the specific color arm

    • Take the magnetic piece from the specific color arm and place it in the cup; or

    • Visually look for & find the specific piece (Indicating which color arm the magnetic piece is on... Visual scanning)
  • Vision Exercises

  • Cognitive Activity incorporated within the same treatment session

  • Possible to treat two patients on the same device

  • Pediatric Size to accommodate people with height limitation
  • Prism Health Services has developed an easy to use form which allows you to just plug in the numbers / observations from your session and file the paper away to refer back to future progress

  • Document 2 sessions on one single paper


  • Unscramble words
  • Color Matching
  • Visual Scanning
  • Target Reaching
  • Card Games
  • Word Games
  • Safety Cards
  • Games / sports related cards
  • Sentence / Story building &
  • Much, much more!


  • Alphabets
  • Numbers
  • Colors / Shapes Matching Games
  • Puzzles
  • Animals / birds toys
  • Action figures
  • Cartoon characters
  • Textures
  • Transport Vehicles &
  • Much, much more!

Very Practical.

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Kelly W. (PT/DPT)

This is a great device for providing activities for….
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Jeramie S. (OTR/L)

Love the objectivity of the NMT. Reaching tools are fantastic!…
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Krisanne P. (DPT)

Appears helpful for balance testing and training and…
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Kater K. (PT)

Cool way to objectively measure weight shift and reaching.
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Stephanie F. (SPT)

Many options for use in clinic, portable, not much space.
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Sharon B. (OTR)

Great Idea!

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Augusto A. (OTR)

Very inventive measurable tool for upcoming demands of
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Laura M. (COTA)

Very inventive and creative -easy for measurable data.
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Karen D. (OTR)

Excellent way to quantify functional movement …
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I like that one can use this device for evaluating a patient and…
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Kristy K. (OTR)

Wonderful measuring tool for measuring movement in space.
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Rosemary F. (OTR)

I loved the variety of patients that can benefit from it!.
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Marta G. (OT)

A very creative and fun way of quantifying reach – excellent!.
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The NMT device is a very innovative tool that can be …
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Michael G. (MS)

The NMT device is very unique and has a lot of potential for…
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Tonya C. (OTR)

Objective tool for reach test and cognitive visual perception…
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Nor G (MS)

Very well thought out…

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Ba H. (Professor)

Very creative way of measuring reach.
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Sheila M. (OT)

Perfect for measurable & objective documentation…
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Lorrine M. (OT)

Looks neat. Provides measurable progress.
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Mary B. (OT)

Awesome NMT Device.

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Cheryl.K (MS/OTR)

Great for documenting measurable outcomes.
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Raina H.

Very interesting – can do many activities with it and it…
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Amy M. (Student)

Love the lightness of the Prism Telesticks. The …
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Polly F.

Positively brilliant! To help population with …
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Cindy G. (COTA)

The device facilitates mobility components of functional…
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Alfredo W. (OT/PT)