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SkyAngel Friends 911FD

$44.99- $349.99

Product Code: PATSSAF
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The SkyAngel Friends 911FD is a 100% mobile emergency alert.

- No landline is required - carry it with you.
- If any cell tower is near, help can be reached.
- Two-way voice communication through the pendant.
- Communication with your family/friends/911 through the device.
- Easy to charge with a micro USB cord or Charging Station (Included).
- Works both inside and outside.
- Geo Fencing Capable - Can be used as a Wander Management Device as well.
- Small enough to be worn around the neck (cloth lanyard included), on a key chain or in a pocket.
Salient Features:
(1) - It's much smaller than any cell phone (you can put it on your keychain).
(2) - Waterproof .
(3) - Only 1 button to press to speak with programmed contacts - no swiping or complicated processes to dial.
(4) - Automatic Fall Detection- if it detects a fall, it will call automatically.
(5) - Always in 2-way speakerphone mode - you can press 1 button and speak.
(6) - Geo-Fencing Capable.
(7) - No Hassle, Easy to Use, Peace of Mind Solution!
Monthly Monitoring Fee Options:
Option#1: Purchase of Equipment: $199.99 Monthly Software Usage Fee: $34.99
Option#2: No Purchase of Equipment, sign 2 year contract Monthly Software usage fee and Cost: $44.99
For automatic monthly payments:Click here for Credit Card Authorization Form 
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Shipping information

Weight : 1.00 (lbs)
Dimensions: 10.00 × 10.00 × 3.00 (in)